Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The First Thirty Days

A few months ago I read an article about earning money writing for various websites such as eHow or the Examiner. The concept was interesting, so I mulled the idea in my head for a few weeks. I knew I wanted to start writing more regularly, but I needed some sort of structure to encourage me along and I liked the idea of being able to earn money. So I decided to try out eHow.

When I started writing on ehow on May 7, I didn't have any real goals in mind. Maybe writing an article a day? Maybe earning a few bucks a month? Without any goals, I decided to just write what popped in my head and not really worry about things like search engines optimization or ad cost-per-clicks until I got a good handle of the eHow world. I spent the first 30 days making friends, commenting on articles, reading the forums for tips, and generally just writing when I felt like it.

And in my first 30 days on eHow, I wrote 21 articles and earned $6.31. Pretty good? I like to think so.

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